Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : The Vegan BBQ Casserole

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It can be hard to make a casserole look cute.

It's almost April, and I think I speak for a lot of us when I say there's some serious "cabin fever" running rampant on the internet the past few days. I mean, do we really need to argue over every little thing and find fault in every comment and post? How does that make the world a better place?

So I went searching for a Betty recipe to save the day. One that would make the world a better place and give us a little glimpse of our impending summer. BBQ Beef Casserole seemed like a perfect place to start. Yes, I am pretty sure Betty intended this recipe to be a potluck dish, served to many people with sides of baked beans and fruit salad. We decided instead to keep it all to ourselves, and include a few BBQ-themed potluck favorites to make a complete party in a dish. I really channeled Betty for this one.

I admit I was little cautious about this at first... but it was awesome. Here's hoping it makes us all feel a little sunnier...

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : Vegan Quiche Lorriane & A Revisit with Julie & Julia - 1 Year Later Episode 1

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Julia Child learned how to make quiche at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France around 1949 and has been credited as creating the best Quiche Lorriane several times over since. When it came time to watch Julie & Julia again to mark the one year anniversary of The Betty Crocker Project creation... well it only seemed to make sense we would also celebrate with one of Julia Child's favorite dishes. Especially since we absentmindedly already made Cobb Salad a few months ago during a salad kick.

Now I could have adapted Julia's famous recipe but that's not what we are doing here. This project is really all about Betty and I didn't want to steal her thunder. But a funny thing happened, I compared the two recipes and they were similar enough that I feel like Julia, the pretend Ghost of Quiches Past Julia anyways, would approve and here is why : See Julia Child's apparently never warmed to the Julie & Julia blog. Julia's friend and editor Judith Jones was quoted as saying "She didn’t suffer fools, if you know what I mean." Julie being the said "fool". Julia also never cared much for vegans. In fact she was quoted as saying:
"Personally, I don’t think pure vegetarianism is a healthy lifestyle. It’s more fear of food—that whole thing that red meat is bad for you. And then there are people who don’t eat meat because it’s against their morals. Well, there’s nothing you can do with people like that. I’ve often wondered to myself: Does a vegetarian look forward to dinner, ever?"  
But the part of me that wants to see the best in people wants to believe she felt that way because her first exposure to vegetarianism was in the 60s when a cruelty-free lifestyle was labeled a "health food fad" and a weight loss diet. Two things she had little patience for. She also never had our Quiche Lorriane with smoked tempeh and Daiya. The world Julia lived in was much different than ours. In just the past 10 years, technology has come far enough that really anything can be made vegan with little to no sacrifice in taste or texture at all. She has been remembered as being a very kind and compassionate person and so I would like to think that although she would probably never go vegan (I mean the woman basically bathed in butter) I would hope she would be intrigued by today's vegans and at least recognize our shared passion for food like so many other of today's top chefs have*. She was a sincere believer in her mantra : "Life itself is the proper binge.” and like I've said before... no one loves food like a vegan.

The day I made this, I was full of a thrill and humming Doris Day songs for hours. I won't lie - this is not my first dance around the floor with quiche. I make them a lot and Dan loves them even more than I make them. In fact this quiche was almost completely eaten by my love in a 24 hour period. But this one was special because it combined all the good things about Julia and Betty and maybe some of me too. 

So enough yakkity yaking - Let's make some freaking quiche already...

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Special Edition : The Shannon Family Album!

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Get the flash player here:

What does "family" mean? It could any number of things. We could go all biological on you and talk about genetics, or we could get all new-agey and talk about spiritual and psychic connections. Or, we could fall back on Wikipedia and define it this way:
In human context, a family (from Latin: familiare) is a group of people affiliated by consanguinity, affinity, or co-residence. In most societies it is the principal institution for the socialization of children. Extended from the human "family unit" by biological-cultural affinity, marriage, economy, culture, tradition, honor, and friendship are concepts of family that are physical and metaphorical, or that grow increasingly inclusive extending to community, village, city, region, nationhood, global village and humanism.
Are you bored yet? Well, stop it, because when we talk about family on Meet The Shannons, we're talking about all of you! Since we started The Betty Crocker Project, we've had a lot* of people message us about how much they love our recipes. Every once in a while, they send photos! I'm always touched by these letters and love getting the photos, and basically that's why we're launching The Shannon Family Album. The world should see how talented you all are!

If you have sent a photo and don't see it in there, please resend to There were a few that wouldn't load for some reason. Some were "corrupted", which sounds a lot sexier than it is, and I can think of two I misplaced. I've emailed the misplaced guys - so check your email and please resend!

If you haven't sent one in yet, please do! Just be sure to tell us what you made and include your name. We want to make sure everyone gets credited.

*When I say a lot I mean like thousands and thousands; but sadly I don't get thousands of photos.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project hits it's First Anniversary - Let's Celebrate with Vegan Spanish Chicken!

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Today, we are entering into a new phase of Betty's Book. We've been calling it the Double Meat Dinners. Yes, there are a number of recipes in Betty's Big Red that call for multiple animals in one meal. There are even a few, like The Italian Grill and Seafood Lasagna, that call for three or four. But more about those later. The good news is that Betty gives us a lot more than just meat to work with.

Today is the perfect storm of Meatless Monday and The Betty Crocker Project Anniversary Week, and so it only seems fit we start off the week with Spanish Chicken--also known as Basque Chicken. This pretty, fancy, wonderful dinner is a mock-meat-lovers dream come true! It has it all. Beautiful colors, rich unique flavors... and olives.

This dinner makes enough for two people to have leftovers for a few days... but there weren't any in our house, because it was to good to stop eating. No regrets. Well, one regret: that we didn't have any leftovers to eat.

Thank you, Betty Crocker, for inspiring us to make a dish we probably would have never tried, and for all the inspiration you have given us this year. When I take a long hard look at who I was when I started this project, I have to admit that I was in a very bad place. I was disappointed in my career, and I was deeply disappointed in myself for not being as successful as my friends and even my husband**. For years I had lost myself in cooking, even before I began this project. I focused on figuring out how to make vegan versions of dishes that seemed impossible. It was how I used my creative energy, and found some sense in a world that at the time seemed beyond my control. It was what I had to contribute. It was how I bonded with my friends and my husband who I could feel myself drifting away from as my career stood still and theirs' prospered. It was how I found a place for myself. It's hard to admit these things about yourself, but I think that I can. Because one year later, things are very different. And they seem to be moving into a better place every day.

This project has given me an outlet for all of my creative energy, and has provided me with people to chat with about vegan living and cooking (when I get the chance). And most of all, it has inspired me to be the best me I can be. Thank you Betty Crocker, all you loyal lurkers, public followers and yes, even Julie Powell***... your support, encouragement, and existence has changed my life.

Are you weeping yet? OK, enough mushy stuff for now... there might be more this week. Prepare yourself. Double Mock Meat Dinners - GO*!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : Fresh Berry & Tea Tart & Announcing THE CLEAN LIVING CONTEST!

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I love this time of year, the dogwood tree outside my office window starts to get little bright green buds. Daffodils and crocuses are sprouting up throughout the neighborhood and the grocery stores are full of fresh berries. Berry stands are opening up anywhere near North Carolina and if you're lucky you can find a stand that also has asparagus - but more about that later. Let's talk tarts.

These tarts are just... lovely. But even though those bright flavorful berries kinda steal the show, I have to mention the crust and crumble for this are pretty exceptional as well. The crust was made with Earl Grey Tea (my personal favorite) and then we topped the tart with an orange zest crumble to bring out the bergamont* flavors in the tea. The combination of them all make this tart really stand out in The Betty Crocker Project. Yeah this tart has that "it factor" to make it in the world of food blogging.

Springtime isn't just about blooming flowers and the revamping of the produce section. Around this time of year, we all open our windows and look around our caves and start well - un-caving. Spring cleaning it one of my favorite projects all year and not just because I like things that smell good! I love making a space my own. Some of you might remember awhile back when I talked about my Pink Lady Kitchen. Well, Method has changed up their products a little bit since then but we're still a Method house** and we'd love to help get you excited about Spring cleaning too!

So we're giving away 2 Method products*** of your choice! All you have to do is "Like" this post (see above) and then post a comment below sharing your favorite tip to an environmentally friendly home! Remember you have to be a "follower" of our blog to win so we can contact you. If you're not a follower - you can find the button for that to the right of this post. Next Wednesday - March 30th - we'll randomly pick a winner from the comments and get you started on your way to another level of clean living!

Let's get these tarts started!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : 5 Bean Chili & Spicy Southern Style Cheddar Corn Bread (all vegan of course)

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Now if you're flipping through Betty, you won't find 5 Bean Chili and Spicy Southern Style Cheddar Corn Bread. What you will find is recipes titled : Family Favorite Chili and Cheesy Mexican Corn Bread made Southern Style. Why'd we change it?

Well, because this is the recipe for our family favorite chili and this corn bread (like many Betty recipes) is kinda more Mexican themed American food. I love Mexican themed things but I know that some of you are reading this actually in Mexico. So I figured I wouldn't confuse you with a claim that wasn't really spot on. See what we call Mexican corn bread in the US was actually invented in Texas by soldiers in the 1800s as a way to doll up a fairly cheap food. Corn bread was really popular during the Civil War in the South because it was so cheap to make, filling and didn't get stale as quickly as white or wheat breads. Since then it has earned a distinguished spot in Southern cuisine and reinvented numerous times into fritters, hushpuppies and what have you*.

Now the technique of baking your corn bread in a cast iron skillet is a Southern tradition and according to my copy of Betty's Big Red has not been through The Betty Crocker Test Kitchens. Also - we loved it. The crust it creates is actually my favorite part and the presentation is pretty cool too.

Question : Am I the only one out there that dreams of being invited to The Betty Crocker Test Kitchen - all Willy Wonka style? Like one day I'll open a box of Bisquick and find a red ticket! Dan will jump out of bed in his old timey nightshirt and dance around the room**. Then we'll head out to  Minneapolis, MN where Betty Gnomes are hard at work creating the American dishes that inspire our little project using 93% perspiration, 6% electricity, 4% evaporation, and 2% butterscotch ripple. 

SIGH. Well, a grrl can dream can't she? Until my ticket comes in, let's eat some chili! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

Vegan Cherry & Almond Muffins

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Now these ones are in wrappers but use the Baking Spray instructions below - Just trust me.

There is quite a bit going on in Ye Olde Shannon House today. First off, Dan is getting his wisdom teeth out. This means I will need to be his chauffeur and nurse for at least the next 24 hours. My payment of course will be in the always valuable and often times transferable "Dan on Painkillers" anecdotes and getting to watch hours of Simpson cartoons*.

I'm also working on our cookbook... GASP! I know. Exciting right?

So I'll keep it short and sweet today, these muffins are wonderful. I mean, in the time it took to bake and eat them, they have become one of my very favorite baked goodies. That's saying a lot. I mean in our Pantheon of Baked Treats, these aren't just some demi-god Achilles or Hercules wanna-bes. They are straight up Apollo muffins. You know the kind of muffins you don't take home to mom because you want to keep them all for yourself. That's right these muffins are so good they will make you turn on your own mother.

Are you sold yet? Let's make some.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : Vegan Sesame Beef Noodle Salad

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As we look out over the wasteland that is the aftermath of St.Patrick's Day, I am compelled to share a story with you about a man and his journey home. Please enjoy this Shannon Family Story...

The Scene : St.Patrick's Day 2007
The Place : Ghent - An adorable little historic neighborhood full of blooming magnolia trees and folks who keep their SUVs shiny in the city of Norfolk, VA. The city where World War II hero General Douglas MacArthur was born and now has a mall named after him. Also the city where People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are headquartered. Coincidence? Yes. 
The Time : One of innocence - I think around 3pm

My husband Dan and I were driving home to our spacious and sunny 2 bedroom apartment in the aforementioned charming neighborhood of Ghent, when we noticed in the distance a man stumbling and obviously struggling down one of the cute little rustically cracked sidewalks. This was a man who had seen some action in his life. A man who you could tell in an instance had begun the day a different person and now was unprepared for the journey ahead of him. He was dressed in a tasteful hunter green blazer and was carrying a napsack of some kind that you could tell he debated abandoning as each step became more labored. He was a man trying to get home from a day that he had begun with a trip to the bars to celebrate St.Patrick's Day. One of us exclaimed "Oh God - That guy needs help."

The other with even more concern said "Oh God - That's XXXX!" (We're not naming names here because c'mon that would be really uncool)

So we pulled up and offered our friend a ride. He was only 3 blocks from his own house but in his condition, that looked like it could take an hour. The relief and joy on his face was apparent in an instance when he smiled a smile that could melt even this guy's heart. So we pulled over and both Dan and I got out to grab his bag and help him into the back seat. Just as we began helping our good friend - who had become disheveled and a bit dirty in his journey - a blond older woman in a red fleece vest with two matching collies came around the corner and froze in what could only be described as horror. I mean she literally covered her mouth - perhaps to muffle a scream and after the 5-6 seconds it took for her to regain her senses she quickly turned and scampered the other way.

One can only imagine what she thought was taking place : White Slavery. Serial Killers. Perhaps she thought we were do-gooders collecting the homeless from the street. Maybe it was just her response to someone as visually intoxicated as our friend*. We may never know.

But I will tell you this : This dish we're sharing today has some nice green vegetables and a unique Sesame & Beefy flavor without being heavy or overly oily which in my opinion makes it a perfect lunch either before or after a night of merriment and self-abuse. So be nice to yourself and make this. Also know that at Meet The Shannons we are always here to help without judgement!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Apple Churros to the Rescue!

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Is there anything in the world as lovely as celebrating St.Patrick's Day with a treat of traditional Spanish-style fried dough?

According to Wikipedia (which as we know from watching Eddie Izzard stand-up, is extremely reliable):

Churros are often sold by street vendors, who will often fry them freshly on the street stand and sell them hot. In Spain, Mexico, and Argentina, they are available in cafes for breakfast, although they may be eaten throughout the day as a snack as evident in Nicaragua. Specialized churrerĂ­as can be found in the form of a shop or a trailer during the holiday period. In Colombia they can be found in the streets but they are thin and shaped like a ring.

But our buddies over at "The Free Encyclopedia that Anyone Can Edit" (no, seriously, that's their tagline - check it out) forgot to mention that the origins of churros is one of mystery and controversy. There are some who feel adamantly that they were developed by Spanish shepherds, and that recipes were developed and handed down from generation to generation. Others claim to have proof that this delicious treat was first made by monks in the 13th century, and then shared with the people in an act of great charity. We may never know the truth without the plot to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure coming true. What we can do is make a batch of these historically enjoyable little guys to enjoy over the weekend.

So let's fry some dough!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : Coconut Key Lime Pudding ( The Pudding Palooza Continues)

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Recently there was a series of fortunate events which lead to this dessert coming into your life.

It began when we did a Twitter and Facebook poll asking folks what kind of pie they wanted a recipe for. It was a close race, but Key Lime definitely won. Then I went to check the Meet The Shannon's email to see if there were any write-ins and found a bunch of requests for Key Lime pudding from our last Pudding-palooza. I didn't even know that was a thing, but apparently Whole Soy Yogurt has an extremely hard-to-find Key Lime flavor that people say is amazing and are dying to have a recipe for. So the stars aligned, and like an anxious and whiny farm boy from Tatooine, we found ourselves swept up in a destiny that is bigger than we are, and definitely bigger than our kitchen... a force if you will.

Because you know... Adventure. Excitement. Heh. Vegans crave not these things*. It would appear they crave coconut key lime pudding instead.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : Vegan Chicken & Pasta with Fresh Herbs

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So I've had a little bout of writer's block today. I think part of it is because my last post was kinda frazzled. That's what happens when I'm even discussing changing "the plans". I kinda freak out. I want to be flexible and just roll with things, but deep down the real me can't help but ask the question: "What's so hard about sticking to the plan?" Now having said that - I think I should warn you that today's post is a really delicious dish that is super easy and has been changed quite a bit from Betty's already vegan recipe. I couldn't help myself I started making it and saw a few opportunities here and there to take this dish to another level so I took them. I think that's where the real beauty of Betty lies. She inspires all us amateur chefs* to not just make dinner but to make meals for our loved ones that say "I love you"**. And nothing really says "I love you" like vegan chicken in a fresh herb sauce but it does lead one to wonder why if changing "the plans" freak me out so much - do I veganize and meddle with Betty's recipes left and right? I don't think I can answer that. Perhaps I'm a complex woman who can't be explained merely by science and logic - like irony and humor. (insert shrug here)

Instead of getting too deep into my character flaws, I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and flip around in my neglected MySpace page for inspirational material. That's when I found an exchange I had in 2008 with my good friend and the very talented film maker Adam Durand. While discussing plans to get rich quick, he sent his plans...

1. Go to drawer
2. Take spoons become a spoon baron
3. ?????
4. Profit

I know it's missing a step in there but I have no doubt someday he'll work it out and we'll all find ourselves coming to him if we want to enjoy soup. I am curious though if any of you guys out there have any get rich plans you think are your golden ticket to financial independence that you think are better than Adam's spoon scheme... Please share if you do!

I'll let you think about it while we enjoy this recipe which is totally "money"*** and not just because it's green.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Good Morning Irish Coffee Cupcakes & Whiskey Frosting...

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So we plan out our posts in advance and then sometimes things don't work or maybe something comes up that I just can't help but share as soon as possible. What I'm trying to say is, I like plans and sticking to them but I understand the importance of being flexible. I had been planning on posting these cupcakes that are a combination of coffee and Bushmills whiskey and awesome in a little wrapper. But then the week started and there were Irish-y cupcake posts everywhere! I mean it's not the most original idea or anything but it did make us want to reevaluate our plans a little. If you know me in real life - you know that's a big deal. I like sticking to the plan. I know this messes up your whole concept of Good & Evil and how the universe works but it's going to be OK. 

So what do we do when the Earth stops spinning on it's axis and the moon turns out to actually be made of cheese? Dan & I had a MTS meeting and discussed adapting the recipe into a regular old cake or cake donuts. Did you just gasp? I hope so - expect to see something very very special soon. Something so wonderful in fact we didn't want to crowd it. Finally it came down to something Dan said "It's not our readers fault that there are a bunch of Irish-y cupcakes out there - so why are they going to be punished and denied these cupcakes that are really amazing?"

So without further ado... Here is a really wonderful little fella that will make you wish it was St.Patrick's Day year round and let's be honest... Who says you can't be a little Irish whenever you want? I would support that.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Family Album : C'est la Vegan's Kim Garr - You Goonie!

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Click here to read the original post on C'est La Vegan
If the world of Vegan Food Blogging were to be equated to the 1985 Steven Spielberg Classic The Goonies, C'est La Vegan's Kim Garr would be the lovely, talented*, red-headed and popular cheerleader Andy Carmichael played by the-gal-who-would-make-white-keds-cool  Kerri Green. Meet The Shannons would probably be her not so lady-like or cute, socially awkward, glasses-wearing friend Stephanie "Stef" Steinbrenner played by the lovably odd Martha Plimpton. See not only does Kim write the charming masterpiece of a blog C'est La Vegan that has been seen in such mainstream sites as The Kitchn but she also runs her own direct order vegan baking business and a contender in this season of Cupcake Wars! As someone who has spent years and years of my life trying to save animals, I am thrilled to see how mainstream vegan baking has become! This is our time and I  know a lot of that is because of talented folks like Kim. We can't wait to make her Coconut Kiwi Cupcake with Vegan Lemon Curd and Fluffy Coconut Frosting and can't recommend the video section on her blog enough. Kim is one of those vegans who was born to be on camera and represents what's classy about cruelty-free living perfectly!

OK - No more gabbing about Goonies and cupcakes (we'll be back later with more cupcakes). Here's Kim and her take on the Meet The Shannons Beef-Less Burgundy Stew with Herb Dumplings and her seriously gorgeous Le Creuset dutch oven!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : Whole Wheat Focaccia Breads

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I think Nicolas Cage said it best in Moonstruck: "They say bread is life. And I bake bread, bread, bread. And I sweat and shovel this stinkin' dough in and out of this hot hole in the wall, and I should be so happy!" Except, unlike Ronny Cammareri, I like baking bread and I have 2 hands. I also have a handful of very strong opinions about Nicolas Cage as an actor.
Now before we start baking, I should also share that the bread base for Betty's focaccia bread was already pretty much vegan and that this recipe was awesome! Last weekend, Dan and I ate the cheezy focaccia loaf in one afternoon with some fancy olive oil for dipping. It gave me a chance to use this book from Crate and Barrel we got as a wedding present. I recommend sharing one of these wonderful loaves of bread with someone you love, and maybe a bottle of San Pellegrino*.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Betty Crocker Project : Corned Beef-less Tips & Cabbage

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Ugly? Fair enough.
I recently decided to never watch the movie Short Circuit ever again. I'll give you all a moment to recover.

Now before you all assume that I was afraid of the sentient robot who was originally built to be the ultimate weapon... that's not it. It's because I love this movie and I'm afraid it might not live up to my very kind memories. Also I have come to terms with the fact that Ally Sheedy might not actually be a very good actress and she already ruined WarGames for me last summer.

Now you're probably wondering what this has to do with this pretty traditional Irish American meal that is also known as The New England Dinner in Betty's cookbook. Well, back when I was a little meaty eater, I loved this dinner. This was a Betty recipe I both looked forward to and dreaded because I had such fond memories of this meal - I worried it would be impossible to veganize this recipe in any meaningful way. I mean we're making corned beef - that's salt cured beef if you're not familiar. This could have gone very wrong but it didn't. In fact it was a nice reminder of a dish I haven't had in like 20 years. Does it taste just like the meaty version? I would say 70% - which is enough to capture the spirit of this dish and make it a great dinner this St. Patrick's day. I mean this really made me happy and I'm kinda tough on myself - so that's saying something. I figure I got lucky with this one, why test my luck with a beloved robot movie. I mean didn't Short Circuit 2 do enough damage?*

Before we start marinading some Gardein, I want to make sure you remember to enter the latest Meet The Shannons Contest and check out The Official Shannon Family Desert Island Food List on one of my very favorite blogs : The Laziest Vegans in the World. We put a lot of thought into it and feel pretty good about our choices.What's on your list?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Need Something Green This St.Patrick's Day?

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The Cow Hugger Pin at  Herbivore Clothing Company $1.00
Around the time we got married, there were numerous jokes about how I was trading in my super-Jewish last name for a super-Irish one. It was like I became a character from Angela's Ashes overnight. But as a newly Irish-Through-Marriage person, I have had a lifetime to look forward to wearing green on St.Patrick's Day. I adore green. I like wearing it. I like decorating my home with it. I like eating it. I mean, if you haven't seen pictures of our wedding, we had some really amazing green going on.

So I thought as a nice little Sunday afternoon post, I'd share some cool green things to help you get into the St.Patty Day celebration this year, and of course protect you from those eager pinchers. I'm strong believer in prevention. And green.

Plus there's a little contest at the end...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Vegan Bacon & 3 Cheese Frittata of Your Dreams

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Wednesday night can mean a lot of different things to folks out there. Now just going off your emails, I know a lot of you are pretty loyal Top Chef watchers. Now Dan and I aren't the kind of people who plan our lives around what's on TV that night. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But ever since Baby Jesus invented TV shows On Demand and putting whole seasons out on DVD - so you can have deep long term relationships with marathons of your favorites - Dan and I go about our lives and watch what we want when we want. With the exception of Top Chef and Wednesday night*. Why you ask? What makes Top Chef so special? Don't they make like a ton of meaty - eggy - cheesy  stuff? They do and just like with Betty - we watch to get ideas and inspiration. We watch for the food photography and styling. We watch it because it is a Shannon family tradition to watch and talk about what we would do to make dishes vegan. I mean some families travel around in pimped out school buses wearing matching outfits singing pop songs. I mean if that's your thing - that's cool I guess. We watch Top Chef and we like to eat schmancy vegan eggy breakfast dishes.

This one was a big hit around here and is going to be a regular for Sunday Brunch... I recommend making some toast to go with it. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Moment of Silence for the Bowl of Steamed Edamame with Sea Salt

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It only took 25 minutes of steaming for you to capture my heart. Thank you for being such a great friend. Hope we can do lunch again sometime soon!