Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Holidays from The Shannons!

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We didn't make this the internet gave it to us.

I know we've been MIA lately. I've been completely submerged in our book. Last night I literally passed out on the sofa with my laptop about a foot away. I was up till 3am with Fright Night on and a cold cup of coffee trying to think of new ways to say "blend" and "mix" while still making sense. Spoiler Alert! Our book will have a lot of blending and mixing in it.

I am yet again hopelessly behind on my emails, Facebook messages and as always my dishes. Seriously not even 'college me' would approve of the state of our kitchen at this moment. But I enough about me. I'm getting a lot of emails asking for suggestions for Christmas and Hanukkah dinners. So I went through and compiled this greatest hit list that I hope will help some of you out with inspiration or remind you of a recipe you liked but maybe you haven't made since last year... whatever.

Happy Holidays! XO - Annie (Dan too) 

PS - Please don't think I haven't missed you all because I have.


  1. Good luck with the book! The writing part was my least fave, even though I love to write. There's really only so many ways you say "saute" and "combine." And yes, "blend" and "mix."

  2. Thank you!

    It's weird isn't it? I love writing too. I know it's because it's our first book and I want it to be awesome and perfect but I've been struggling with some of the silliest things.

    Also Thesaurus.com has really let me down...

  3. Don't forget the Challah!! I made it Tuesday night along with the baked latkes!!!! That challah is so freakin' amazing!!!!! A winner every time!!! Thanks and good luck with the book! Can't wait to get a copy!!!! :)