Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Super Chocolate Vegan Hootenanny! Episode IIII : Girl Scout Cookies Remix & VegNews

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I know we disappeared there. I've been working on our new page layout and things are just taking longer than I thought. I know I keep saying it but I think it will all be worth it. That being said there were three pretty awesome things that happened last week that I kind of have to share! I mean I have to. This is my job now.

1. Dan and I took a road trip to New Jersey! We were invited to attend a Betty Crocker themed potluck held by Montclair Vegans. See nestled in this charming little town that Thomas Edison called home is a vegan friendly mecca. I have to tell you I was so impressed with the potato saladjalapeƱo corn bread, 3 bean salad and well just about everything. We haven't been to a potluck this impressive since we left Peta-ville (Norfolk). Thanks again MVs for the invite! It was really pleasure to get to meet so many of you in person and of course eat your food.

2. VegNews asked us to veganize our favorite Girl Scout Cookies! Can you imagine a better email to get?   I mean not only was this an excuse to add to one of our favorite spots The Super Vegan Hootenanny but we got to work with VegNews again - which is always a pleasure and honor! To get the recipes and see the spot just click here.  We've been enjoying the tester cookies for a week now and it's been the best chocolate hootenanny so far!  Please take a few minutes to check them out, make a few and show us a little love with a "like" or Tweet!

3. We've added a fully operational Pinterest button! You can find it at the top of every post with the the other share buttons. (insert cartwheels there)

Fingers crossed the new site will be up this week!


  1. Congrats on the VegNews job! =) These look super tasty.

  2. OMG this is great!! I've missed Girl Scout cookies for years and years Mmmmm I was so sorry to have missed you when you came to Montclair (my hometown) and partake in all the vegan yumminess. Next time I'll plan my get-a-ways more appropriately lol Hope there's a next time. Keep the great recipes coming! Even my omni friends LOVE the food I make from your blog :)

  3. You know, I got super sad this year when I learned that some Girl Scout cookies are actually vegan, but that the baking company that creates the accidentally vegan ones is not the company that Memphis Girl Scouts uses. They seriously have two different recipes for GS cookies depending on where you live in the country, and NONE of the ones sold here are vegan. You have just fixed that problem. Thanks Annie!

  4. Congrats on the VegNews task and mention. I actually came to this post via the VegNews online article. Love it!

    I made raw vegan versions of Girl Scout cookies in the past, on this post: http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/2008/01/raw-girl-scout.html and that post: http://rawdorable.blogspot.com/2008/01/chocotastrophy-do-try-this-at-home.html

    I wish actual Girl Scout cookies were vegan, too.

    BTW, my kids love the Lego Star Wars characters at the top of your site :-)

  5. You guys did an awesome job with the "Girl Scout Cookie" - and I pinned it! My husband grew up in Edison, NJ and we go back quite a bit - it's a charming little place, no?

  6. Woah. those are my favorite girl scout cookies too. I have long lamented the loss of GS cookies in my life. Even before I was vegan, I quit eating them because (as a former girl scout) I know what a total crock it is to call that a "fundraiser". I will be pigging out Caramel D'Lite-style (Samoas for all you old-timers) this weekend!