Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sticky Fingers & The Mini Working Blues

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Once there was a vegan bakery hidden in the heart of our nation's capital. This was before this recent Vegan Renaissance of books, bakeries and convenient vegan products. This bakery was nestled in a charming basement with outdoor seating and was quickly becoming a destination spot for vegans all over the world. Of course, I'm talking about Sticky Fingers Bakery.

When I think back to the years I spent living in DC, Sticky Fingers stands out as playing role in most of my fondest memories. Getting soft serve and Little Devils after a day of leafletting with Compassion Over Killing or having a friend bring me one of their remarkable chocolate chip cookies after a long work trip... well, these were the things I remember about DC with a smile. Which is why I am doing something today I almost never do. I goofed off on Sunday and took a break from editing to play but I ultimately it was for a good cause.

It's The Great American Meatout today and dedicated activists are handing out samples and resources to help Americans make eating choices that are better for them, the environment and of course the animals*. Compassion Over Killing (COK) has two enormous subway sandwiches made with Tofurky Deli Slices that they're handing out in downtown DC. I am landlocked at home editing the breakfast chapter of our book and enjoying more than a few of the mini Working Blues Cupcakes (ginger cake with bourbon peach filling and blueberry frosting) I baked from Doron Petersan's new cookbook Sticky Fingers' Sweets.

Before she was the reigning champ of Cupcake Wars and Pinup for Pitbulls, Doron spent years earning her stripes as an advocate for animals and a trailblazer for future vegan bakeries. When I knew her she had one of the most beautiful and sweet rescued greyhounds I'd ever seen. These days she has an adorable rescued pitbull and is a proud new mom. So spending Sunday with my copy of Sticky Fingers' Sweets was a trip down memory lane with an old friend and someone I truly like.

Even if you've never been to Sticky Fingers new sunny location with twice the seating of it's original nook and serves a vegan wonderland of sandwiches, hot dogs, baked goods or whatever -- you'll appreciate this book and should add it to your library. It's more than just swirling cinnamon rolls, orange cranberry scones and peanut butter pies. There is also Seoul Sticky Bread and Key Lime pie. This book captures the fun and creativity that has turned Sticky Fingers into the famous vegan institution that continues to draw compassionate eaters from around the world.

I know you all want me to post this recipe but I'm sorry it's not mine to share. I can tell you that while I am buried in final edits and reviews for our book I found taking a break to bake -- well was pretty much the best thing ever and even if you are just a Meatless Monday type -- this book belongs in your kitchen.  

*Can you think of anything more patriotic than helping your fellow Americans take better care of themselves? Seriously?


  1. One of my favorite parts of living in DC is that I am less an a mile from Sticky Fingers. It feels like all of my friends work there or have worked there. It's pretty terrific.

  2. Sticky Fingers is the only reason I ever went to DC. :) That and getting visas for foreign travel.