Friday, December 9, 2011

We want to know what you like about donuts...

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Mini Donut Charms by Rosemary Travele (Yes - I REALLY want one)
Today I'm writing the donut section of our book and I need data. If you have a moment please leave a comment answering these questions: 
  • What is the best thing about donuts?
  • What are your thoughts on jelly-filled? 
  • How often do you make donuts? 
  • When you make them are they usually raised fried donuts or baked?
Thank you so much for your help! XO


  1. I love so many things about donuts. How they look, especially the Homer Simpson-esque donuts with thick frosting and sprinkles. Donuts are normally the right amount of sweet and oil to satiate me.
    I will eat jelly-filled donuts, but they are not my first choice. I prefer cream filled donuts.
    I make donuts once every 2 or 3 months. I normally bake them, because it's hard to bring myself to fry things. It's so much easier to eat them when someone else soaked them in oil. However, once every 3 or 4 months a group of my friends normally make fried donuts.
    I can't wait to read what you all have to say!

  2. 1. Everything! The dough the icing the deliciousness!
    2. Yes please! With powdered sugar on every inch of it. I love lemon especially but also love any fruit filling but not cream.
    3. Couple times a year.
    4. Deep fried though I have tried some baked and they were good too and less guilt which is a bonus.

    Please please please include an apple fritter and I know you guys don't really have Tim Hortons there like we do here in Canada but I am a lover of timbits. There is two especially that are glazed and have toasted coconut on them and I would love you forever/buy a few copies of your book if you would include them!

  3. They have to be fried, they have to have icing, cream filled (Boston Creme) is the best!! It's so hard to put a finger on why donuts are so good. Perhaps they feel lighter than cake, even if they are heavier on the calories. Maybe it's because a donut disappears faster than a slice of cake, so the enjoyment you get from eating them is over before you know it, always leaving you wanting more. Who knows? All we know, is donuts are good!

  4. 1. They're a treat, something sweet and a little "naughty" but they're small so you don't feel too bad about it. Also, they're yummers!

    2. I love donuts with filling, whether it's jelly or a cream.

    3. Not very often BUT I'm expecting a donut pan for Christmas so I expect that number to go up. A LOT.

    4. Baked, pretty much always. I live at a pretty high altitude (7,000 ft) and I have a hard time with any baking requiring yeast, so I usually go with a cakey-donut recipe.

    Have you been to Ronald's Donuts in LV? I wish you could recreate some of his recipes, because I don't know how he does it!

  5. That squishy crackliness when you bite into one.

    Not a fan of filled doughnuts.

    Once every few months. Not as often as I should!

    I generally bake mine, but would like to try frying them.

  6. I love donuts so much! Raised and fried all the way- baked cake donuts are just cake with a hole in the middle, IMHO. I'm not so much a fan of filled donuts, but I love a classic glazed donut. The only donuts I've ever made have been the ones from Vegan Diner, and they turned out good. A lot of work though, so it's only an occasional treat, maybe 2-3 times a year.

  7. I like all of them, but especially the light, fried ones with crackly thin sugar glaze. If you mushed and squished all the air out of a regular sized one, it would end up the size of a quarter. Those are a part of my occasional bad eating habits. It's been a long time since I took home a dozen and sat eating them until my brain was fried. I'm with Homer Simpson when he envisions a perfect world in which every drop of rain is a glazed doughnut.

  8. Donuts are a special treat - I love them with chocolate icing, or a blueberry flavored cake style donut. I am now desperately craving donuts but I don't have a donut pan or a place that makes vegan donuts in town :(

  9. 1. I love that donuts are not the least bit good for me but somehow can still be called breakfast.

    2. I hate jelly filled but love cream filled and before I was vegan used to be able to tolerate custard filled.

    3. I have not made donuts since I moved away from home 12 years ago.

    4. I only eat raised fried donuts so if I made them that is what I would make, though I do make an exception for eating cake donuts from Mighty O when I am in Seattle. But cake donuts to me are only sort of donuts.

  10. I haven't had a donut in years, but I loved the sweetness and lightness and fluffiness of them (or, in the case of cake-like donuts, the denseness). Jelly filled donuts can be really good, don't get me wrong, but they would never be my first choice.

  11. 1) I had never liked them much until I had a couple of excellent ones from Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA.

    2) Bring 'em on! The best filling I had was a cookies'n'cream filling at Vegan Treats, but jelly is good, too.

    3) I have never made doughnuts. It is possible that I've helped my mother make beignets.

    4) Well, if I am remembering right that I helped my Mom, we definitely fried them. She wouldn't have them any other way. Personally, I would bake.

  12. I love their sweetness, their portability, the sugary glazes ( frosted, powdered, glazed-it's all good !) I like them fried and they are good filled or plain. But I must agree with the other commentator that requested an Apple Fritter. I love those !

  13. I haven't had a "conventional" doughnut in over eight years, but I do recall what my favourites were. Here goes nothin':

    1) SPRINKLES! And of course, I mean sprinkles on top of a luscious coating covering only the top of the doughnut. A close second would be any doughnut incorporating apple or maple, or a combination of the two.

    2) Only warm, happy thoughts :) (as for creme filled, on the other hand, I shudder)

    3) I make doughnuts about twice a year. I've made a recipe from VeganYumYum, which is always a hit, and one by VeganYogini, which uses pumpkin. Neither of them have a traditional or conventional taste since they are both baked, but they are delightful and decadent nonetheless.

    4) They're always baked because frying them freaks me out.

    I look forward to seeing what comes of these comments :) Good luck with your testing. And, if you ever need a tester, holler at me, please :)

  14. I have never made a vegan donut. But I do like a light donut. Something airy, sweet & a special treat.

  15. -What is the best thing about donuts?
    Glaze. Definitely glaze. When it's all flakey and awesome...

    -What are your thoughts on jelly-filled?
    I can occasionally be down, but generally no. It takes special day to want that.

    -How often do you make donuts?
    Sadly, not often. I need a donut pan. I've half-assed it a couple times and just put donut batter in a mini bundt cake pan.

    -When you make them are they usually raised fried donuts or baked?
    I simply cannot bring myself to fry things of my own accord. I will eat the dickens out of them if someone else does it, though.

  16. I like donuts if they are really good. Plain cake donuts are my favorite. I am not a fan of filled donuts.

    I rarely make them myself, but if I do, I bake them.

  17. I just bought a doughnut pan hoping to be able to craft a gluten free & vegan doughnut that we all can eat. While I have a deep fryer I usually just bake my doughnuts. Frosting is crucial. While I love filled I don't think I'd try that at home. There are some things I'd rather leave up to others so I don't have to clean up!

  18. What is the best thing about donuts? - CHOCOLATE

    What are your thoughts on jelly-filled? - They're pretty yummy, but I hate the powdery coating on many of them. They make my teeth feel weird.

    How often do you make donuts? - I've never done it!

    When you make them are they usually raised fried donuts or baked? -- When I was little, we had a donut pan and baked them. I've never tried frying them.

  19. What is the best thing about donuts? - The crispy, crunchiness of a perfectly fried donut (I'm thinking of the ones my great gramma made) is heaven in my hand.

    What are your thoughts on jelly-filled? - I like 'em.

    How often do you make donuts? - I refuse to fry anything at home, so I've baked donuts twice in my life, both in the past year.

    When you make them are they usually raised fried donuts or baked? - Baked, but I prefer to eat fried.

  20. What is the best thing about donuts?
    The texture. I either like really light raised doughnuts or dense heavy cakey ones.

    What are your thoughts on jelly-filled?
    I love jelly-filled. I especially love the mainstream smooth lemon filling, but otherwise I prefer the jelly to be an actually-made-from-fruit kind of thing, not the usual thickened-from-corn-syrup-and-dyed-a-color stuff.

    How often do you make donuts?
    Not very often. They are a bit too easy to mess up (usually mine end up more like cookies) so I usually make cupcakes for situations involving handheld sweet treats.

    When you make them are they usually raised fried donuts or baked?
    Usually baked. I've never actually made raised doughnuts, but I'd really like to!

  21. Best thing about dougnuts: sprinkles, icing and fillings (essentially, all the extras that come with them)

    Thoughts on jelly-filled: needs to be real jelly (or jam), not that goopy, fake stuff. Custard is preferable.

    How often do you make doughnuts: Did it once. After that fiasco, I leave it to the vegan professionals.

    Fried or baked: Baked, definitely. Frying is messy (and dangerous, in my case)

  22. Holy crap! Jelly-filled is my favorite. Perhaps it stems from growing up with deep-fried, jelly-filled, powdered sugar-covered doughnuts for Hanukkah (called suvganiot in Hebrew), but holy yum. The jelly is key for me. Also the frying... But that's why these are once-in-a-while foods!

    I have never made my own doughnuts. Deep frying scares me!

  23. If I had any guts I would make fried...regrettfully usually its baked- but deep down I don't even consider them donuts- just cake masquerading as what should be a decedent treat. Bastards.

  24. The most important thing is that they're spongy in a wet way, not in a dry way. And I don't like sticky glaze :(