Thursday, July 14, 2011

Behold The Shannon Smoothie Rocket Pop!

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So! We were suppose to launch an awesome contest today but I can't find the disk with the photos I need to do that. Am I the worst wife ever? I mean I didn't kill anybody but yeah I lost a ton of blogger/wife points today. You'll understand better when I find that disk.

In an attempt to not completely disappoint you all, I am sharing a recipe I hope will be as popular at your house as it was at ours. When this treat was in it's concept phases, I admit the initial draw was getting to use these freaking adorable rocket pop molds we found at Whole Foods but after eating a few, we've come to our senses. This recipe is a perfect combo of real fruit and good for you and summertime and awesomesauce and kittens riding rainbows*. I might even dare to say I prefer them to the original ones. Mostly because the berries in this one were grown on bushes and not electric blue. Though I admit I have fond memories of techno-color blue foods as a child. Raspberry or Blue was a popular flavor in the late 80s-early 90s when I coveted slurpees. 

If rockets** aren't your thing, there are many other adorable and random Popsicle molds available these days to bring back your childhood memories.

Faux Ice Cream Cones

Ring Pops
Once you have chosen your mold or maybe have cleaned out an ice cube tray, get out your blender and let's make smoothie pops!

Shannon Smoothie Rocket Pops (makes 12 Rockets)

Put all your ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth. Pour your Smoothie into clean molds and put in the freezer in a level spot. be sure and read the instructions that come with your mod before starting to make sure you fill your mold correctly.

Let them freeze overnight. Serve when it is hot and you feel old. It will take you back to the days when Popsicles could fly. (see anecdote below)

* Contains no actual rainbow kittens. These rocket pops are vegan.

** Rocket Pops were one of my very favorite frozen treats when I was kid. I chased down many an ice cream man for one and have a sad memory the time I tried to stand in a sprinkler while eating my cherished, patriotic treat. Without warning I was hit by a strong spray of water and my pop was launched into the air and smashing against the living room window. Flying through the air like a NASA project gone horribly wrong and of course scaring the be-jezus out of my grandma inside. Convinced it was the remains of some invading prehistoric insect, she scampered out to save her beloved grandchildren.


  1. Looks tasty! Too bad its been raining here all week. Love the blog!

  2. Rocket pops!! Holy shit! I need to get some of those molds, lady!

  3. Those are some very cute pops. I need some of those molds. My kids would love them. My son especially likes the Star Wars lego header, and I like the name "Shannon" :-)

  4. You made me feel younger just by reading this!