Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What I want for Hanukkah and something that should never have been invented...

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Yeah - I'm still under the weather. There will be some awesome Betty things tomorrow. You have it in writing. Christmas is over a month away but Hanukkah is right around the corner. So I'm going to use this blog entry to shamelessly tell Dan what I want for Hanukkah this year to improve our kitchen gadgetry. I will also be publicly declaring something "gross". So in no particular order Annie's Hanukkah List :

Save Our Animal Planet Travel Mug from Modcloth. I'm had the same stainless steel Starbucks travel mug for years and years. It's time for a change. After lots of research I can say with confidence this is the mug for me. It has bunnies. 
Mini Donut Maker from Urban Outfitters. Giving this to me for Hanukkah would be a win win for everyone. Who wouldn't want more vegan donuts and mini things in their lives? 
The R2 D2 Peppermill from ThinkGeek. Evryone needs a little buddy in the kitchen especially a  R2-series astromech droid that can put out fires, hack into waste disposal units and project holograms. OK this little guy only makes pepper but he is a Licensed Star Wars collectable from Japan.
Lavishy Fish Wallet from Herbivore. OK I know I have a really adorable vegan wallet from Queen Bee but look how cute these are... I like the green one.

And what we've all been waiting for... White Castle Scented Candles. SERIOUSLY? Seriously. Why anyone would want their home to smell like a White Castle is beyond me. When I was growing up that's where all the old men would go to play chess and drink cheap coffees. To prepare they would marinade themselves in Old Spice to hide the smell like secret smokers. So without further ado... Something that should never have been invented :


  1. Love the bunny mug! After many years of searching, I recently found my mug of choice and it's been awesome.

    Can't wait to see some donut posts after you get that donut maker for Hanukkah!

  2. I've also had my eye on the mini donut maker... Yummy...

  3. White Castle candles?-Hilarious! I would love that donut maker and the R2D2 pepper grinder-awesome!

    Hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. OMG! You just provided me with an awesome idea for my boyfriend for XMAS. R2D2 Peppermill - too cute/geeky!