Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Family Album : The Canadian Care Package

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As many of you know, my job at IDA requires me to deal with some difficult folks online. I have to watch sad and heartbreaking videos every day, and I often find myself wondering why people continually choose to use the anonymity of the internet to be jerk monsters. It wears me out a little bit, to be honest.

But there are other folks. Vegans and veg-curious folks who are just genuinely nice, funny, interesting, and freaking cool. After years of online advocacy, I find myself with a good batch of online friends who I think if we all lived in the same city would become dear old friends. Jessica, a very talented vegan baker, is one of those.

Recently, Meet The Shannons was featured in Macleans (The Canadian Newsweek - see above) and Jessica volunteered to send me a copy. But about an hour ago, there was a tap at my door, and I got the most wonderful surprise!

Not only did she send copies of the magazine, but she sent some exotic Canadian goodies!
  • A bar of Ella's Botanicals Morning Buzz Soap. It's spicy mixed with citrus. It reminds me Earl Grey Tea - one of my favorites!
  • Green Beaver Company Organic Lip Shimmer. You should read this if you're not familiar. It can be hard to find lip gloss that doesn't have bee's wax in it or petroleum products. Green Beaver is vegan and full of natural goodness, with a slight cranberry fragrance and taste. I'm already in love with it!
  • COOKIES! Canadian Cookies! New Moon Kitchen and Sweets from the Earth cookies to be exact. Gingersnappers, Mint Chocolate, and a cookie filled with sunflowers seeds and raisins that is cleverly named "Bite Me". Hmmmm. Don't mind if I do, little cookie...
Thank you so very much Jessica! I don't think this post even comes close to expressing how touched I was by your package! I appreciated the package so much and your friendship and can't wait to see what you bake next!

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