Monday, October 24, 2011

The World Go Vegan Week Contest!

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So cute.
 I really love having things that might not be one of a kind but are darn close. I like things that are screen printed by hand and little vintage-y things that have to do with 80's cartoons and toys from my childhood that are actually from the 80s and not Hot Topic. I love kitchen toys that are shaped like robots, wallets made from recycled bicycle tires from Sweden and pillow cases with love letters on them*. That's why I get a lot of things from Etsy. On one website you can find handmade and vintage wonders from all over the world that are all the more special because they aren't mass produced in sketchy factories and really are treasures*. One day I was on Exaltation's store, falling in love with this Oxytocin shaped necklace when I found something just marvelous. If you're not familiar with it, Oxytocin is the neurotransmitter responsible for love and bonding in all relationships. It's basically romance in chemical form. Ironically though what stole my heart was a sweet, little simple and classic necklace that says my favorite word : Vegan.

It's World Go Vegan Week right now and we have special posts planned but to start it all off we're partnering with Exaltation for a fraking kick-ass contest! You guessed it! We're giving away One of these adorable Vegan Necklaces to One lucky Meet The Shannons Reader! These cute little necklaces tell the world that you're a hero to the billions of animals who suffer and die every year for meat and dairy products while being a little more discrete than a cape.

All you have to do to win is leave a comment telling us 2 things :
  1. If you could be eating at any veg-friendly restaurant in the world tonight where would you be?
  2. Everyone has their own super power. Baking. Knitting. Jitterbugging**. What do you think your super power is?
Of course there is no wrong answers and don't worry about trying to be the most creative. Consider this a brag board that might lead to you one day having an awesome vegan necklace of your very own. Before you leave your comment -- remember in order to win one of our contests, you must be a "member" of Meet The Shannons. If we can't email you, then we can't send you your prize! So before you leave your comment with the answers, make sure you use the "Join This Site" button on the right hand side of this blog under "Friends of The Family" .

We'll randomly choose a member from the comments posted below on Oct. 30th and send you your MAJOR AWARD! (Please keep in mind that it will take a few days for processing and shipping). 

* Yep. I have gotten all these things on Etsy.

**  OK - They're not all treasures.

*** Seriously adorable word right?


  1. I'm not into veg-friendly restaurant that much but there's a mexican place here in Dublin that have some veg and vegan options that I like, called Acapulco :)

    And about super powers, this is a hard one. I can't see myself that good in anything, seriously!

  2. 1) Yummy Yummy. It's this tiny little Asian restaurant on the corner of Broadway and Oakdale in Chicago, and I used to eat there approximately 3 days per week when I lived around the corner. Every time I go back to Chicago I find myself there practically every day. Seriously, amazing.

    2) Crafting. Give me some hot glue, glitter and paint pens and I can create pretty much anything.

  3. I'd love to be at Sweetpea Bakery in PDX chowing down on a Wilson Bros. sammich (pretty much a vegan french dip)

    My super power is the ability to kern type at the speed of light! Nerdery! :)

  4. My fav Veg-friendly restaurant is Watercourse Foods here in Denver, CO! (in love with their country fried seitan!)

    My super power is the love I have for small critters. I run a no-kill sanctuary for rodents and sugar gliders. After the first couple animals I took in, I made the change to cut meat out of my diet. How could I save these little lives while eating others? Didn't make sense anymore!!

  5. I love that necklace!

    I wish I could be eating at Candle 79 in New York City or at Souley Vegan in Oakland, CA.

    My superpower would be my intuition.

  6. There is a insanely good veg-restaurant in my town Leipzig, it's called Zest. However, being a poor student, I don't get to go there often. Sucks.
    My secret super power is being fluent in a secret language called Löffelsprache. Nielefimalefand wirlefird dalefas hierlefier verleverstehlefehelefen! Muhahaha.

  7. I would be at Buttercream cupcakery in NYC! Ok, not terribly nutritious but the best vegan baked goods I've had.
    My super power is being inappropriately awkward in any situation. I can turn it off though, so that saves my life sometimes. :)

  8. 1. I would be at Gracias Madre if I could be at any veg restaurant in the blink of an eye!
    2. Vegan Magic - that's what my husband and I say whenever someone asks how do we make things without eggs or butter or meat.

  9. I would be at Joy's Place on Maui.
    As for my super power, I'm a pretty good organic tomato gardener.

  10. I would love to eat the Chicago Diner. I've never been but I get their emails and the food looks awesome.
    If I have a super power, which I seriously doubt, I guess it would be baking since eating probably isn't a super power.

  11. Wow. Probably Candle 79 since I've never been. Superpower? Hm. I've been told I can be a superbitch!

  12. I love Real Food Daily in LA.

    My superpower would be my incredible sense of insecurity :/.

  13. I would guide and offer everyone else to try on vegans food instead of meat and dairy product at Charm Vegan Restaurant. If can i will go to the world and invite everybody to dine with me hope they will become a vegetarian or vegans 1 day :)

    My superpower is to save those animals who r suffering and i will adopt them. I pray for the animals in the whole world for their peaceful live juz like us do and wont suffer from pain especially those being abuse,slaughter,skinned alive,torture,and so on...

  14. Yay! What a great giveaway! My best friend has a vegan necklace and I love it and have been wanting one. Ok, for my answers....
    1. I would be at Rosetta's Kitchen in Asheville, NC tonight! Delicious, down-home vegan comfort food!
    2. I think my super power is my highly organized mind. I organize, label, color-code, alphabetize and file everything nicely and neatly and I enjoy it!

  15. I love that necklace!! I really really want to try Candle79 in NYC. So I'd love to be dining there this evening.

    As far as a superpower, I'd love to be able to roast veggies instantly. Always the rate-limiting step in cooking dinner!

  16. My favorite (and only) vegan restaurant in my own city is The Green Owl ... but I'd love to visit the Chicago Diner. I also fantasize about vegan soft-serve frozen desserts.

    As for a superpower, I attract companion animals with challenges and love them unconditionally. :)

  17. Grasshoppers in Boston Mass. I love there "No Name" And I would have to say my superpower is Hair Styling.

  18. i would be eating mushroom 'calamari' at dragon fly, here in columbus, oh, but i'd love to try all the options in san fran or nyc.

    my super power is knowing that i have many super powers and being grateful for them all.

  19. I would eat at back to eden bakery in Pdx. Super good Vegan calzones!

    My superpower is talking to people about being Vegan without scaring them off! And crocheting :-)

  20. I would love to try the food at the Homegrown Smoker cart in Portland.

    My super-power is doing science! Muahaha. I'm almost done with my PhD in molecular biology.

  21. Millennium is right across the Bay in San Francisco and is one of the top Vegan restaurants in the world. It's very expensive, but I'd love to be there. My super power is verbal ability, anything to do with reading and writing.

  22. Right now I'd love to be at Sunflower in Fair Oaks, CA. They have the best nut burger I've ever had in my life.

    My super power is alphabetizing ability! I alphabetized my cd collection last night .. it was quite satisfying :)

  23. What a beautiful necklace. While I am happy eating at my favorite vegan restaurant and only local vegan restaurant, Native Foods, I would love to try a fancier restaurant sometime, like Millennium in SF, the Madeleine Bistro in LA, or Candle 79 in NY.

    My super power? I'm a good teacher.

  24. I would love to be eating at Rahel in Little Ethiopia in Los Angeles. They have the kind of food that makes me want to starve myself beforehand, so that I can stuff myself silly once I get there. They know what's wot!

    My super power is typing. I can type over 90 wpm.

  25. I would like to eat at Annapurda in Santa Fe. It is an Ayurvedic restaurant and is my first formal step to eating out at a vegan restaurant.
    My super power is entertaining my friends for dinner.

  26. 1.) The Other Side Cafe in Boston. I had buffalo tempeh there for the first time and my life has forever changed. They also have a nice beer selection and a patio with a pretty sweet view. Or Papi's Tacos Al Carbon in Riverside, CA. Veg Mexican food is hard to find and this lady makes all her own "meats". Very delicious!

    2.) Speed reading! It's nerdy, but if I could read faster, then I could read MORE!

  27. 1. Paymon's in Las Vegas.

    2. Writing is my super power. Here is my food column:

  28. I would love to try Blossom, Candle, or really any restaurant that caters to vegans!!
    My superpower is procrastination....I wish I could gift it to someone else, maybe later :)

  29. madeline bistro hands down.;-)
    i don't have any super powers, but if i could wish for one it would be to know how to veganize people on the spot, to get them to open their hearts and minds with the flash of a smile.;-) yeah, that is what super power i work on 24/7 ;-)

  30. I would love to be eating at Candlelight Cafe. I think my superpower is listening to others. And I'm a kick-ass mom to two vegan kids.

  31. I would like to be at Foodwings in Brooklyn, NY having a milkshake and some of the best "cheese" fries ever. Maybe not the healthiest meal ever but WOW.

    My superpower? Writing Lesson Plans in the blink of an eye! Helping kids with disabilities understand things that they don't get in other educational settings. Making parents comfortable at IEP meetings. Yep. I have lots of super powers. I'm a Special Ed Teacher. And a Vegan one at that. ;)

  32. I would be eating at Horizons in Philly now! Best gourmet vegan food!
    And my super power is freakishly strong calves. I can out lift (calf raise) most men at the gym! :)))

  33. Trang's in Tampa. Seriously, some of the best vegan food you will ever have. Trang (the owner) has been known to bring a sample of his newest vegan creations to your table for your input. Always excellent!!

    My superpower? I think it's encouragement. Encouraging others, seeing the glass half full and finding the silver lining :o)

  34. totally karyn's on green in chicago, IL

    && my superpower? my amazing ability to make delicious juices!!

  35. There's an amazing vegan restaurant in Worcester, MA, called Duck Yao. It used to be an underground restaurant, but now it's legit. I wish I was eating there every night.

    My super power is cooking delicious foods for adults that the baby will eat, too.

  36. I would without a doubt be at Sutra in Seattle, Wa. It is an amazing little supper club that specializes in organic, foraged, vegan delights! TO DIE FOR!!
    My super power is turning fabric into quilts with the snap of a finger! (Not really, it's laborious and takes forever;)

  37. I know I just another won a giveaway from you, but I have to enter just for kicks, cause that necklace is seriously awesome.

    (1) If you could be eating at any veg-friendly restaurant in the world tonight where would you be? Karyn's on Green.

    (2) Everyone has their own super power. Baking. Knitting. Jitterbugging**. What do you think your super power is? Right now there are so many other things I should be doing, so I'm going with a procrastination superpower :)

  38. Love World Go Vegan Week and Exaltation's kid-ass necklace!

    My answers:
    1) Although we live in Vancouver, Canada and there are many wonderful vegan, veg, and veg-friendly restaurants here, the most amazing vegan meal my husband and I have ever tasted was during "Aphrodisiac Night" a few years ago at Millennium in San Francisco. Oh what pleasure! :-)

    2) My superpower is cat belly-rubs. They just keep coming back for more!

    Good luck to all!

  39. I would love to be eating at Millenium in San Francisco! Not only is there food vegan it always looks like works of art., well, I'm a pretty good tap dancer still at age 42...18 years of lessons early in life have paid off :)

  40. I've had this necklace on my "Stuff I Want" board on Pinterest for a while!

    1. I would really love to be eating at Sprig and Vine in New Hope, PA.

    2. I think my superpower is cooking. I love to cook and almost everything comes out yummy, if I do say so myself!

  41. 1) I don't know what the many restaurants in world are and there are a few. I think I would love a sandwich from Melissa's Sidewalk Cafe here in Crestview. It's a vegetarian cafe that offer many vegan options and will switch out the cheese on any sandwich for Daiya (I go gaga for Daiya). May have to go get one now that it's on my mind.

    2)If I had a superpower, it would probably be learning. I'm not good at a whole lot, but I can learn almost anything and apply it.

    Good Luck EVERYONE!!!

  42. 1. Quesadilla in Chicago. Authentic Vegan and Veg Mexican food. It doesn't get any better than this pace. I has dozens of options and recently started bringing in vegan cupcakes from a local venod

    2. My superpower is eating. I'm lucky to be living in Chicago where there are some great vegan options.

  43. There are so many choices, but I'd probably choose Bamboo Garden. I could really go for some corn chowder today.

    My superpower is my ability to read my dog's mind.

  44. So many places...I would love to eat at Millenium in San Francisco. It's where my daughter Molly did her internship after studying to become a veg chef. Super power? I can quell most students with a look.

  45. 1. Sugar Plum Vegan in Sac. My favorite, but haven't been able to afford to treat myself in awhile, so could use some vegan lovin'.

    2. Remembering little details about everyone that surprises them and lets them know I care. People always comment on that.

  46. I'd be dining on the patio at The Plant Cafe in San Francisco. Eating amazing food while soaking in the picturesque bay views! My super power is making people laugh via my laugh. I laugh all the time! It's fun :)

  47. 1. Green is a kick ass vegan restaurant in Tempe, AZ.

    2. I can multi-task like noboby's business...make dinner, check my Facebook, do a load of laundry, watch the news, and talk to my sister at the same time-and this isn't easy if you've ever tried talking to my 'died in the wool, fast-talking, f-bomb dropping, NY sister♥