Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Scene from A Marriage - Part I

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Scene 1 : A New York Subway Stop. 2 Shannons wait for the train home. 

Shannon A : I think I really want to see the new Transformers movie.

Shannon B : You got all excited about the first one and fell asleep. You didn't even see the second one. You don't even know how the first one ends.

Shannon A : I know but this one has robots...

Shannon B : (cutting off Shannon A) They all have robots. They're transforming robots. That's the movie.

Shannon A : Yes! I want to see the robots transform and then shoot other robots. While those robots transform and drive around. You know you want to see it too. You're just mad that I feel asleep and you had to watch the first one but this time it will be different. There are robots ON THE MOON!

Shannon B : Naa -

Shannon A : (interrupting Shannon B) ON THE MOON!

Shannon B : Noa -

Shannon A : ON. THE. MOON. Robots. Moon.

Shannon B : (Marge Simpson grumble here)
End Scene. 

Note : There is so much hope in this post. 


  1. Holy crap, you guys are hilarious. One more reason why I love this blog...

  2. Transformers 3 was AWESOME by the way. It was a Lenovo/Cisco commercial for one thing, but otherwise: Looong violent fight scenes and lots of corny fightin' words. So worth it. Do it. Do it.